Occasional polishing with a soft lint-free cloth or the Swarovski crystals Jewelry Polishing Cloth, will help you to retain the original sheen of the crystal elements. If Swarovski crystals - are soiled, they

should be cleaned by hand in lukewarm water with a few drops of mild dish detergent or soap with a ph neutral base. Then rinse the crystals under running water and afterwards dry them with a soft,
lint-free cloth to avoid spotting and lint spoiling the shine. ALWAYS dry your jewelry immediately after cleaning and store it in a dry, cool place until ready to wear to avoid tarnishing.

Under no circumstances should any abrasive or corrosive detergents be used; glass and window-cleaning fluids and chlorine should also be avoided, as they often cause streaking.


  • Don`t allow jewelry to come in prolonged contact with matches, rubber bands or anything that contains sulphur.

  • Don`t allow jewelry to come in contact with abrasive soaps, chemicals, perfumes, hair sprays and/or dyes.

  • Don`t rub silver jewelry with abrasive cloths and/or cleansers. Silver scratches easily.

  • Don`t expose your jewelry to prolonged periods of extreme temperatures or intense sunlight. (i.e. window sills, car dashboards)

  • Don`t store jewelry near a heat source.

  • Do use a soft jewelry polishing cloth to prevent tarnish build-up.

  • Do remove jewelry before swimming in the ocean and/or a chlorinated pool.

    (Chlorine may cause discoloration to silver. It will also cause damage to many gemstones and other natural products and may cause them to become loose in their settings.)

  • Do remove jewelry before using cleaning materials.

  • Do remove jewelry before engaging in exercise and/or sports to prevent scratching,

    denting or loss of gemstones.

  • Do remove jewelry before going to bed to avoid twisting, knotting and/or breakage.

  • Do remove jewelry when doing cleaning and/or gardening.