Christmas presents. The best jewels to give away


Christmas is here and many of us are breaking our heads in finding the ideal gift. The perfect gift for all women is to own a unique piece.

Look no further, because in Blue One Jewelry we have the best jewelry to give to that person you love and appreciate so much, and that you want to have the best. The jewels have their own language and whatever link you attach to the woman to whom you are going to give a gift, you will find the ideal option.

Coco Chanel said: "I want to cover women with constellations." In Blue One has in its ecommerce the best brands of high jewelry and presents them forming a constellation, where the brands symbolize that they are the star brands that with their spectacular jewels will enhance the look of a woman.

Here are some of the most successful jewelry styles at the time of making a gift for these dates.

Minimalist jewelry.

The minimalist jewels give that sobriety and calm to a trendy and chic look. Fine chains, geometric shapes, are those jewels desired by lovers of simplicity, timelessness and minimal elegance. At Blue One we have several brands that have minimalist jewelry


natalie aurea 

Natalie Aurea

blue one


 Liane Katsuki


Bright, amethyst, emerald, These colors so vibrant and striking, give off that power and originality that characterizes an exotic jewel. Women who are bold, feminine and love to top their looks with these glamorous pieces of high jewelry. In Blue One you will find several options to find the exotic jewel you are looking for




 blue one

Antonio Romero

blue one

Tabata Morgana


There are jewels that only see them mesmerize with their beauty and elegance. These pieces of high jewelry, have that innate elegance that do not understand trends or seasons, but represents the values of luxury, elegance and femininity of a queen. In Blue One we have several jewels with an imposing beauty and characteristic that will reflect on the woman who wears them that beautiful elegance.

Look no further for the perfect jewel, since in Blue One Jewelry we have the best catalog of high jewelry. Just enter our page and enjoy while shopping for the perfect jewel for the person you love most.

 blue one

Laura Márquez

blue one

Glamour Hunter