Blue One offers a unique purchase experience



When you go to buy a jewel in a physical jewelry other than to live the experience of buying a jewel and pay it if you liked something, do not give yourself a loyalty plan and do not give a gift when you spend a certain amount. However, at Blue One we have a unique loyalty plan in the world, and we always give away an exclusive and valuable gift, when a purchase of a certain amount is made. This is a shopping experience!

blue one

If you buy one of our "jewels from the sky" that we have in Blue One, you will be part of a unique Loyalty Plan in the world. Blue One will gift you with an exclusive gift to choose among the following:

- Apple Watch Hermés serie 2. An exclusive model that combines design and technology, valued at € 1,400.
- The Blue Gift Card of € 1,000, so you can continue to acquire the exclusive jewels of our Brands.
- A spectacular Imperial Brut with 24K Gold Edition Limited Edition valued at € 1,800, to celebrate the best occasions alone or in company.

You must only meet the following conditions ... ..

- You will have a gift for every € 50,000 of jewelry purchase within the indicated period.
- If any return of jewelery is produced will be deducted from the amount accumulated.
- When exceeding the amount of € 50,000 will be sent the chosen gift after 14 days, provided there is no return
- The gift cards will be counted as purchase once you make use of it.
- The jewelry purchased during a promotion that includes a gift can be exchanged for the gift of said promotion or accumulate the amount in the Loyalty Plan.

Live the experience of buying a unique jewel in Blue One and enjoy our loyalty gifts.