Dear customer:

If you have acquired one of our " Jewels of the sky " you take part in an exclusive Plan of Loyalty. Welcome to our Plan of Loyalty.

Blue One will present an exclusive gift to choose from these options:

  • Apple Watch Hermés series 2 - an exclusive model who joins design and technology, valued at 1400€
  • The " Blue Gift Card" for an amount of 1.000 € in order that you could continue acquiring the exclusive jewels of our Brands.
  • Brut Imperial with 24k Gold dust Limited Edition valued at 1.800€, to celebrate the greatest moments.
  • The iconic Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM bag, valued at € 1,000. Choose the model you like, with the timeless Monogram or in Damier Ébene or Azul.



  • To obtain one of the gifts you must overcome, within the indicated period, 50.000 € in purchase of jewels.
  • If some return takes place it will be discounted of the accumulated amount
  • On having overcome the quantity of 50.000 €, the selected gift was sent within 14 days, providing that a return does not take place.
  • The cards gifts it will be assessed as purchase once the customer use it.
  • The jewels that are bought during a promotion that includes a gift, the customer will be able to choose between the gift of the mentioned promotion or to accumulate the amount in the Plan of Loyalty.


Again, we give you the welcome and wish you to have an agreeable experience of purchase


Blue One