Tabata Morgana

Tabata Morgana

Raquel Lobelos is the  Tabata Morgana founder. She studied Art and engraving, is Gemmologist and Appraiser for the IGE (Spanish Gemmological Institute) and the FEEG (Federation of European Education in Gemology).

"In my artistic research processes, enclosed in my workshop I began to work with stones and I simply fell in love with them so madly that I left everything else"

During the development of their jewelry design line, the brand name that their jewelry, TABATA MORGANA, was born.

"I'm going to tell you her story, Tabata means the gazelle that runs, which is camel colour like the sun and the earth; Morgana means the woman coming out of the sea, which is turquoise like the sky. All connected to sea, sky, earth and sun, the symbol φ (phi) represents the golden measure by which everything grows in nature. It is clear that my source of inspiration is nature! "

Raquel enjoys all the creative process, buying gems in the international markets, mainly in the rough and then giving form in the workshop.

"Jewels have been with us since ancient times, and it is not only a reflection of status, but when you choose your jewels you show your personality" "For me, a jewel, it's like a canvas, it's not just something we're going to wear, it's Art, it's design, it's raw material.

Her jewels, made with passion, are inspired by nature and geometry, which make them timeless works of art. Authentic pieces with a different style for people who want to identify with their jewel.

The combination of gems, precious metals and multiple techniques along with an artistic vision of the jewels makes the designs of the artist Raquel Lobelos for Tabata Morgana are unique. "The jewels of author are not only adornments, but works of art and an authentic declaration of intentions"