Laura Márquez

Laura Márquez

She is one of the most recognized designers in the Spanish jewelry sector, although her designs have also been sold in Europe, USA and Japan.

It is said that it 'transmits with a language that makes in jewellery pieces the thoughts that others express in words' and' ... discover the hidden symbolism of noble metals and gems more than a task of craftsman, is a vocation of witness of Our time, as a researcher of our concerns and desires "; That's Laura Marquez. For her, "La Jewel is: art and message that synthesizes words"

She begins her forays into jewellery through the study of Gemology in 1987 (Madrid, Amberes). She is a graduate of both Design and Gemology, specializing in Diamond. Are numerous courses and seminars that has been carried out with prestigious professors, in a continuous search for perfection and new techniques within the jewelry.

She combines the noble metals in different finishes, with sober and sober lines, in sinuous forms and of great movement; Usually uses a single gemstone per piece designed in unusual irregular sizes (Tourmalines, Opals, Iolitas, Alexandrites, Tanzanites, Diamonds, Fossils, Noble Woods, Unusual Gemstones, etc.)

Since 1989 he has exhibited all over Spain, at International Jewelery Trade Shows, Art Galleries, Jewelery, and in the best trades of the sector, where design predominates, and art. The specialized press of the sector and others, are continuously interested in his career and his work. This Madrid designer also contributes to the world of design through her writings that appear in various publications, and actively participates with various entities dedicated to the promotion of Spanish design, natural gem and art in general.

According to the press, her "declaration of principles" is also a clear affirmation of a total and absolute vocation to our arts: "I am first of all creative, and I fall in love with a gem, a precious stone or an object born of the Earth itself; And that is why I design unique, personal jewelry, with character 'per se'.

Laura Marquez states that she likes simple lines, cold and easy to carry, but speak to whoever takes them. That is why each form has a meaning and, with its dynamism and agility, approaches the people and the current rhythm of life, pretending that the jewel 'symbol - art' is integrated in the person and can be lucida at any time. "I want to bring the beauty of jewels and gemstones to daily life so that they are part of us with naturalness and marked ease, with warmth, that contain a message whose hidden meaning we will show when carrying them.

In 1996, it created its own marketer (Goldmark Zekram, SL) and currently has its own showroom in the Gran Vía in Madrid. She is also the Founding and Honorary President of the Spanish Association of Designers and Creative Jewelery and Jewelery 'Jewas de Autor' since 1994. She was the current President for eight years.